Search Engine Optimization

There are around 150 live search engines, some of the most loved one are,,,,,..., this list is really very big so you can visit Wikipedia Search Engines List article for more detailed listing.

Now question is what is SEO and why it is important ?

Search engine optimization refers to the process of enhancing web page ranking on search results pages over search engines such of Yahoo, Bing and Google through the use of keywords and key phrases. And since Google is the most popular and widely used search engine with more than sixty seven percent market shares, SEO demands a deep comprehension of Google’s extensive ranking factors and algorithm. Google is continuously being improved to display the most related search results to users. It is critical for every website owners to align their web pages with the best practices of Google.

SEO marketing techniques have long-term benefits. The best thing about them is that they make your website easy to understand for both search engine robots and users. Even though search engines have turn increasingly sophisticated, they still cannot see and comprehend a website page the same way a human could. Good thing SEO comes to the rescue. SEO helps these sophisticated search engines shape out what every web page is all about and how it can be useful and important for users.

As SEO is a specialized and sophisticated job so be careful while choosing your agency, following processes are carefully designed to make most of from SEO to generate more and more leads and business for customers.

All above listed predefined packages are designed for starter websites.

The website that are already gone though basic SEO processes, and recommend for customized SEO plans for best results, feel free to contact us for customized advise.