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How can I purchase a service?
First you need to select the service you need, To Select a service just to go to required service menu and choose the package and click on buy now buttons of the respective package. clicking on buy will take to a "Project Detailing" Page, where you need to fill all important information what SEOAT need to initiate your project. After filling in all required field then you need to click on "Continue" and proceed for payments.
How you make sure that my Paypal ID and credit card information is safe on your website?
We use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption (SSL) for secure data flow. About Paypal and Credit Card security, we don't keep or save any information related to credit card, Paypal or any other payment medium with us. All payment are process by most secure payment gateways, we only receive funds from bank. you can contact out support team at
How I will be updated me about the progress of the package I paid for ?
It depends upon the services, normally for SEO services we send progress report twice in first month and from second month onward, reports are sent monthly. But customer can request for progress status with his designated account manager.
Is there any support before purchase?
Yes, you can chat with our expert before paying for the service or you can mail us at and express you concerns and expectation. We are would love to guide you to choose the right product and our experts can discuss and fix the realistic goal for you marketing.
Do you provide free web site Audit or consultation?
Yes, anyone can go to resources page and get his/her only proper audited for free. we don't charge we for this service.
Do you charge for consultation?
No, team don't charge anything for consultation. Visitors can contact us and post their queries. SeoAt would love to give them then best expert advice.
How can I enquire about products ?
There are number of way to enquire about any of our product, You can go to contact us form and send your enquiry. Second option is just fill in the Easy contact form on the right side of FAQ form. Or you can avail our chat facility to get in touch with us.
what is the revert back time for an enquiry?
We answer all enquiry in 4-6 working hours.

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