Traditional Marketing vs Online Marketing

May 18, 2017 . by SeoAt Team

Which One Is Your Pick

Are you planning to go on a marketing blitzkrieg for your business promotion but don’t know whether to stick to the traditional marketing or take the digital path? There are many organizations and marketing professionals who face the same dilemma. It is not an easy decision to make because most of them are unsure which one will work best for achieving their business objectives.

Traditional marketing generally involves use of ads in the print media that are posted in leading newspapers and magazines. Flyers dropped in mailboxes, billboards and commercials seen on mediums like TV and radio are also classic examples of traditional marketing. On the other hand, advertising your brand on various online mediums is what digital marketing is all about.

Both forms of marketing have their own sets of benefits and downsides.

Traditional Marketing

With traditional marketing, you can laser focus your message to your targeted local audience within your city or region. The mailbox flyers, for instance, can be dropped into homes carefully chosen after deep research within specific localities. Also, the recall value of these advertisements is higher as the materials can be read and re-read repeatedly. In areas of ease of understanding, persuasiveness and attention, traditional marketing scores higher than digital marketing.

However, there is little scope for direct interaction between the medium engaged for the ad and the customers. Traditional advertising is more like providing information about the availability of the brand to people in the hope that they would start buying it. Besides, placing an ad on print, radio advertising and television advertising can be quite expensive. Same holds true for printing materials as well. A major downside is that there is no tangible way of measuring results.

Digital Marketing

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that it has a spectacular reach which can be used for targeting local, regional, national and international audience. A digital marketing campaign can be customized to target specific audience demographics. It can make your campaign more effective. There are multiple online paths and resources that can be used to reach specific types of audiences. There are many proven technologies too such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management and PPC that can be used to power campaigns.

The incredible surge in the number of people using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular sites has given a whole new dimension and dynamics to digital marketing. In fact, Facebook business marketing is a major element of digital marketing strategy of many companies.

What Are The Key Pluses?

This medium allows direct interaction with your audience. Scientific marketing strategies can be used to encourage prospects into performing specific actions that can be used as stepping stones for conversions and sales. Cost effectiveness is another key advantage of using digital marketing. Data can be recorded, maintained and recalled with ease. Campaign progress can be measured at various stages and on several key parameters and in real time as well.

Digital marketing strategies can be tweaked to direct the campaign on to the path envisioned. It also creates a level playing field for businesses of all sizes as even smaller companies can compete with established giants with an innovative and well-planned digital marketing strategy. When done right and with the guidance of an established digital marketing company, it can help take your brand places.

Obviously, the benefits and advantages of digital marketing far outweigh those of traditional marketing. Digital marketing is continuously evolving as newer technologies are being introduced to this form of marketing. However, experts say that a finely balanced mix of traditional and digital marketing is the secret of success of many companies.


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