Top 5 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Jul 09, 2017 . by seoAt Team

The way social media evolved in 2016, most online marketing experts believed that they had seen it all but the relentless advancement and invention of new features convinced everyone that when it comes to social media, there is no limit to its progression. It is difficult to predict what direction and shape social media will take in 2017. Some savvy marketers have identified the most likely trends that will develop on social media in 2017.

Live Video Content Will Dominate

Live Videos is the route that most marketers prefer when they have to create a bigger awareness for brands. It is a foolproof way of building awareness and spreading message within the social community. 2106 saw Facebook and Twitter create mega live video platforms that found huge acceptance. Social videos on Facebook guarantee a ready audience. It is expected that marketing strategies will rotate around live videos in the future. The social media consultants can help you promote your social channels at a larger scale. The medium might be used not only for brand promotion but also to share details about events and programs. Real time connect is the key USP of live video promotions and adds to the value of the concept.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) need no introduction as they are already popular. (Remember Pokemon Go craze)? Industry heads admit that VR has not quite shaken up the social media scene as it was expected to but 2017 could be different and the acquisition of VR technology specialist Oculus by FB could have something to do with the expectation. Innovators are looking at ways of combining VR and AR for use in marketing strategies. Many brands are already experimenting with the prospects of combining the two. There is a great chance that the effort will bear fruit in 2017.

The Increasing Role of Snap In Marketing:

Snapchat which is called Snap in its recent avatar is undoubtedly the most trending development on social media today and in 2017, one can expect even greater things to happen. It has far exceeded expectations of users and has emerged as one of the best communication tools on social media which is focused on the moment. Snap has played a key role in the introduction of vertical videos. There are efforts to now develop videos beyond the mainstream. Snap is also responsible for the surge in mobile-centric app developments. Snap has been the pioneer in many new technologies to social media. In 2017 many greater things can be expected from Snap.

Use of Social Media For Unique Experiences

Most users now look up to social media for vicarious experiences. Posting your thoughts about events and developments is passé on social media. You must be more involved and also involve others with the same intensity. Show the virtual participants what it actually feels to be there in person. While it is currently being done through live videos and 360 degree images, in 2017 this will evolve further. The real time experience on social media will be one of the most trending developments.

Mobile Dominance

The ecommerce industry has been dominated by the mobile platform for many years now. Social media content is largely accessed through mobile phones. That’s why it has become imperative for brands to focus on mobile optimization. Already, many top social media managers are stressing on a mobile-first approach. Almost all social media platform content are consumed through mobile phones. In 2017 too this will continue and happen on a larger scale.


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