Social Media Tips for Bloggers

May 23, 2017 . by SeoAt Team

Tips That Can Help Bloggers Achieve Stunning Success

Building a dedicated audience and driving organic traffic to their site are some of the key challenges faced by bloggers. A little research shows that the most successful bloggers are those who have cracked the code of making the best use of social media. Developing a dedicated fan following on top social media channels is an assured way of getting more clicks and expanding the reach of your message.

Savvy bloggers know how to leverage the power of popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Pinterest and StumbleUpon among others to find newer audience, and engage more effectively with regular visitors.

If you are not aware of the immense reach, power and capability of social media and use it for casual banter and fun with friends, here are some powerful tips that can help you leverage the power of these channels to extend the reach of your blog. You can use these to make the best use of social media for getting more clicks and visitors to your blog.

Display Social Media Icons Prominently Displayed On the Website

Your blog readers will share your content and ideas more easily if you keep things simple and straight. Your social media buttons must be easily visible so that visitors can connect with you on their favorite social media channel without having to search for specific icons all over your website.

Create A Blog-Specific Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media channel which most people visit at least once a day although there are Facebook fans who practically live key moments of their life here. Facebook marketing is the best resource to use for sharing your post. There is merit to giving your blog its own space on Facebook. You can post a link on Facebook with every update and addition so that the message goes to your followers quickly. Readers will be able to search for your blog by its name even if they don’t know your identity as an author.

Consider Joining Facebook Blogger Groups

You can join FB blogger groups and get valuable tips on how to create more exposure and get powerful and effective solutions for any blogging issue you might be facing. There are popular blogger groups for every conceivable topic and category of blogging. You just have to find them and join them to find out what exactly successful bloggers are doing different. You can borrow those ideas or better still, improvise on them.

Show Your Generous Side:

Give and take is a practice that’s popular among bloggers. You can promote content of other bloggers and they will be more than eager to promote your blogs as well. This will give you the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience from other platforms. Keep track of what other bloggers are posting and share and re-tweet the deserving ones. You can expect reciprocal gestures.

Try Pinterest – The Newest Frontier For Bloggers

Pinterest marketing and promotion has emerged as a favorite platform for bloggers. Its growing reach has bloggers rushing to this social media channel so that they can have a formidable presence here. The themed boards with links offer a great way to give wider coverage to your blogs. Pinterest has a large fan following and great for bloggers who write on travel, food, fashion, and designing.

Undoubtedly, blogging is one of the most creative things that writers can indulge in but there is a marketing element too that must be addressed. These tips can come handy in combining your blogging skills and marketing tactics for greater effect and impact.



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