Optimizing Your Business for Voice Searches

Jul 22, 2017 . by seoAt Team

If you are a small business or a local entrepreneur catering to a limited market, you probably would not have thought about optimizing your business for voice search. However, business management experts are taking voice search seriously as there is a definite and perceptible change in the way people search for information online. For most search engine optimization services, voice search is becoming an important tool for many people. Siri on Apple, Cortana on Microsoft and Google Voice Search have become popular search tools in recent times.

With more than 60 per cent of the searches done on mobile devices, it is becoming easy for people to voice search for information instead of typing on the small keypads of mobile phones. Studies on the subject reveal that one in five mobile users prefer using voice search to find information because of the convenience it offers. Young mobile users form the largest segment for such searches as they find typing for information hassling and time-consuming as well. Voice search is easier, faster, intuitive and the in-thing among youngsters.

Long-Tail Keywords Must Be Followed By Natural LanguageLong-Tail Keywords Must Be Followed By Natural Language

Keywords remain relevant for product searches but with voice search on mobile phones, the inclusion of conversational, long-tail keywords is important in your SEO strategy. Research the phrases that get visitors to your page. While you can retain the broad keywords, adding some natural language and long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy can help in optimizing your website for voice search.

Recognize How Your Brand Will Show Up In Voice Searches

You must know how people are pronouncing your products and searching for it. When you anticipate these potential problems and provide solutions, it can help you optimize your business for voice search. A good SEO consultant will definitely agree that this strategy is of vital importance for foreign brand names. This information can be only acquired through deep research. Pronunciations tests must be a part of your voice optimization strategy.

Making Relevant Alterations To Website Content

Today’s smart search engines make sure that the context of content is taken into consideration before the results are delivered. Rankings can be boosted by ensuring that website content is in sync with the SEO. Another way of improving ranking is to use natural language keyword phrases not only in the website content but also on the landing pages.

Providing Answers To Visitors’ Queries

Those who do voice searches look forward to immediate fulfillment of their needs. Obviously, those brands that deliver fast and accurate responses will find favor among users. Make sure you deliver answers to voice queries fast. This assumes high importance for those looking for a solution to a problem with your product or service. Top digital marketing services recommend incorporating content pages in which detailed information is provided about products or services and which can be delivered fast to those who have queries. It will help your brand gain respectability and trust of users and in getting ranked within the search engine results for that specific query.

Put Those Little Bits Of Information In Order

Local businesses and online retailers can benefit by optimizing their micro data to ensure that there is a context to the information put on their website. Local data must be updated and optimized as many mobile voice searches use the ‘near me’ tag to make queries location-specific. Micro data tags can help in SEO efforts as it can display additional information on search engine results.


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