How Google's Rank Brain Is Impacting Search Traffic

Jul 09, 2017 . by seoAt Team

An Artificial Intelligence program from Google that has been named Rank Brain is in the news for quite some time now. There are enough reasons to believe that a very significant part of the queries that Google search engine receives is being interpreted by Rank Brain. This brings us to the question – What exactly is Rank Brain and how will affect the future of search?

What Is Rank Brain

RankBrain was first introduced to the public in 2015 through a Bloomberg news publication. It is an artificial intelligence system designed to analyze at a deeper level, the words used in search engine by a user.  The role of Rank Brain is to understand which of the large mix of Google algorithms is best applicable to each type of search result. The whole idea is to match with absolute precision the search query with the result pages.

Rank Brain has been engineered to understand the meaning of content more clearly and understand the real intent of a search request. Once the intent is deciphered, Rank Brain will apply the right algorithm signals to deliver the best results corresponding to the search query. Google assumes that with Rank Brain, search will be more accurate and only the best and most relevant results will get ranked while the other less relevant results will simply fall off the rankings.

Why Rank Brain Must Be Taken Seriously

In 2016 Google confirmed that Rank Brain figures among its top three ranking signals for search – the other two being links and content. For marketers and businesses, this holds lot of importance. This effectively means that quality content and organic links which are at the core of SEO marketing still holds a lot of relevance. To get top ranking, marketers will have to inspect their content deeply and ensure that it offers comprehensive and informative response to queries.

Despite being a system that depends on machine, Rank Brain still requires input from the marketers’ websites. It has been designed to understand queries better and make the most relevant connections about concepts. For digital marketing experts, especially the ones working on projects involving small businesses and startups, there is an urgent need to rework on their strategies.

Worried About How Rank Brain Will Impact Your SEO?

Your SEO strategy needs some serious tweaking and improvisation if you want to rank high on Google in the Rank Brain era. The content relevancy must be enriched to match the deeper intent of the query. SEO best practices are relevant even today and must be adhered to conscientiously. It is equally important for businesses to revisit their content marketing strategies. The answer that your audience is searching for must be made available to them easily.

Your Strategy For The Future

According to SEO experts, it is not a bad idea for marketers to complement their online marketing strategy with features such as paid search to keep their brand right on the top.

With technology advancing at a galloping pace and evolving continuously and with customer expectations becoming too demanding, it is important to get SEO strategies spot on. To achieve this, the keyword environment must be examined in depth and the content too must be worked upon for best results.

Digital marketers must focus on improving technical aspects of the website such as site speed and SSL. In short, apart from sticking to the established SEO basics, it is imperative to innovate to keep pace with the demands placed on digital marketing by Google’s Rank Brain. This can help your website stay on top of Google searches for long.


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