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Jun 05, 2017 . by SeoAt Team

Google’s Latest Update

The Fred update has left the SEO specialists with far too many assumptions about the core reasons that made their website plunge deep down from fairly stable rankings.  Know More!

What Google’s Latest Update Fred Means for Your Website Ranking

Google is known to roll out updates every two months or so. Some are announced in a big way on social media and tech forums while others slip in virtually unnoticed. When Google released updates like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird, their intent and functions were pretty clear and webmasters, after the initial element of surprise were able to come to term with the changes and do the necessary tweaking to regain their rankings.

On March 8 this year, Google rolled out its latest update Fred rather inconspicuously. Yes, the launch was quiet and discreet but it did shake up the SEO world in a big way. The Fred update has left the SEO specialists with far too many assumptions about the core reasons that made their website plunge deep down from fairly stable rankings.  While a few say that Fred is about back link quality others argue that websites that have poor quality content and are ad-heavy in nature are the main sufferers of this Google update.

An initial survey of the content marketing and other websites that have suffered significant drop in rankings shows that these aspects were common to all such sites.

·         Poor quality of content

·         Heavy advertising

·         Conducting local business

·         Loads of affiliates

Does your website have any or a few of these? Is there a spammy link profile associated with your website? Is the quality of traffic suspect and not exactly organic in nature? If you have answered in the positive to the above questions, your website ranking plunge can be attributed to Google Fred update.

While an official announcement about the Fred update has come from Google, they have not provided any hint at the specifics of the update. Any SEO expert will not be able to provide you detailed tips on how to handle the Fred update and maneuver your website through the confusion to top rankings again unless they know how exactly the core web search results have been influenced by the update. One thing that needs mentioning here is that the websites that have always stayed on the right side of the SEO processes through high quality content development processes and have not resorted to unethical shortcuts to achieve top rankings, are unlikely to be affected by these updates.

From the analysis of the websites affected by the Fred update, it seems clear that this is a link quality issue. Fred is apparently ranking websites based on other sites that are pointing links back to it. If you are an affected party, there are a few things that you can avoid to get back to the top of rankings.

·         Focus more on the quality of the back link than on the quantity. Quantity means nothing if the quality of links is not good. High quality link building is the secret to success.

·         Always make sure that the back link you use is relevant to your website, content and context, Relevancy can add value to the links and help you gain rankings.

·         Use back links that you have exclusive claims to. Multiple claimants to a link can lower its value.

·         Google favors websites with anchor text cloud. Such links come with a brand name, raw URLs and keywords.

·         Steer clear from automated tools or bots. Using these devices to create back links can prove to be counterproductive.

Sites that are laden with advertisements and heavily promote affiliates are also in the firing line of the Fred update. Low value commercial websites are also among the affected parties. Genuine businesses with a real web presence will not have to worry about Fred or any other future Google update. Unless you manipulate existing settings to attract traffic and remain as organic as possible, you are in the safe zone.


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