Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

Jun 19, 2017 . by SeoAt Team

Trends In 2017 That Can Drive Sales For Your Brand

Predicting digital marketing trends for 2017 and for the coming years is a task that can go way off target because you never know what kind of technology will be unleashed on the market by the tech prodigies of today. However, many experts feel that if one has to make a prediction about the future of digital marketing taking into account the present environment, then a few can be predicted right away without much effort.

If you are a growing digital marketing company, you can safely assume that 2017 will the year of influencers, artificial intelligence and better user engagement. Of course, mobile optimization and video marketing can also be added to that list of digital marketing trends expected to be at the forefront in 2017. However, these could be the trends at the periphery of marketing developments in 2017. Digital marketing experts say that at the core, there could be three or possibly four major aspects that would drive the online marketing world in 2017. They are:

Customized Content

While personalisation is not a new thing to digital marketing, it is expected that there will be more sharply tailored content and messages targeted at specific audiences for better results. A higher level of customization could possibly be achieved by making changes to the homepage content to suit the needs of the user so that their requirements and intent of visit is fully addressed.

At the same time, customization must be done is such a manner that the appeal reaches out to a larger segment of the targeted audience. When each visitor feels that their specific demands are being addressed, it could impact their actions better and result in better conversions. The best SEO service providers are of the opinion that intensive customization is not easy to achieve and will require utilization of advanced technologies. This means a possible surge in costs.

Predictive Analytics

Proliferation of digital channels, surge of social media and e-commerce, and increase in use of mobile phones and other devices have led to data explosion. Managing the huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data is becoming a nightmare for digital marketers. Having a flexible and predictive analytics model can help digital marketers optimize customer experiences by doing a targeted profiling of customers. The data can also be used for planning and creating impact-full campaigns that can be measured. This can make high quality lead generation – the dream of every digital marketer – possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO is the process of testing your website and incorporating the changes needed to improve the percentage of conversion. The whole idea is to make sure that visitors carry out a desired series of tasks that can drive sales and earn you profits. In 2017, CRO strategies will be under the spotlight. With the best CRO tools and technologies at your disposal, the days of guesswork are well and truly buried. There are many reliable methods now available to help you drive sales. In 2017, these methods could undergo further improvement.

Advertising On Social Platforms:

With the colossal proliferation of social media audience, it would be highly imprudent for digital marketers not to focus more sharply on social platforms. While they did promote on this medium in the past, in 2017 and for the years to come, the scale of advertising will have to be much higher. There is clear and irrefutable evidence that ads on social media are having a greater impact on buyers. In 2017, you will have to expend more energy on social media marketing to extend your reach.


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