Artificial Intelligence and Future of Search Engines

Jul 09, 2017 . by seoAt Team

The evolution of online search continues unabated and is treading on paths one never imagined it would ever take. Today, click on a link and read looks like such a simple instruction - almost antiquated. Search no longer means presentation of a set of links to the user. It goes much beyond that and deeper. Search is now being driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcended into reality from the realms of science fiction long back. AL is also not alien to search engine technology. It is now being used to take search technology to the next level.

Improved Accuracy And Relevance

RankBrain, the AI process of Google can help in achieving top rankings on search rankings. The search history of user is considered by RankBrain for creating search results for every query, leading to improved search results. Other popular search engines too have begun to realize that AI can do wonderful things to improve search accuracy and relevance. Yandex, Bing and Baidu have started using AI in their search processes.

RankBrain ranks right behind links and content when it comes to ranking pages by using algorithms. RankBrain is a wonderful example of how AI can make things easy and efficient for users. It can analyze a query comprehensively from all angles and by taking into account all factors. It then presents the most relevant content for the search even when the keyword phrases used in the search is missing.

Engineered For Deeper Analysis

Search experts stress upon the fact that AI does not present a one-track, static formula when it comes to search. The system has been engineered for search so that it can recognize, categorize, and present the data in a format and manner that best meets the needs of users at that specific time. The search information presented takes into consideration a large number of variables and is not based just on keywords or phrases.

How It Affects Users

For web users, the fact that artificial intelligence will have a crucial role in search means that they will find exactly what they are looking for more easily and quickly. The efficiency of the process will be higher if there is a precedence of looking for such information. AI and other useful and proven technologies can be combined with to improve user interface and boost efficiency of the search process and results. The content being searched for will be presented in a perfect package and quickly. It can save you time as well as effort.

How It Affects Marketers

For digital marketers, use of AI in search can be a true game changer. The focus will shift dramatically from keywords and phrases to quality content. Also, the content developed will have to take into consideration the interests and other aspects such as background of the user and the topics they usually look up on the web.

The full impact of artificial intelligence on search engines is difficult to envisage. However, one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that the role of artificial intelligence in search will become increasingly prominent as the technology develops further. With the prominence of keywords diminishing, marketers will have to develop newer tactics and strategies for making online marketing more effective.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, search will be more fulfilling and definitely more productive than before.



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