Optimizing Your Business for Voice Searches

Jul 22, 2017 . by seoAt Team

If you are a small business or a local entrepreneur catering to a limited market, you probably would not have thought about optimizing your business for voice search. However, business management experts are taking voice search seriously as there is a definite and perceptible change in the way people search for information online. For most search engine optimization services, voice search is becoming an important tool for many people. Siri on Apple, Cortana on Microsoft and Google Voice Search have become popular search tools in recent times.

With more than 60 per cent of the searches done on mobile devices, it is becoming easy for people to voice search for information instead of typing on the small keypads of mobile phones. Studies on the subject reveal that one in five mobile users prefer using voice search to find information because of the convenience it offers. Young mobile users form the largest segment for such searches as they find typing for information hassling and time-consuming as well. Voice search is easier, faster, intuitive and the in-thing among youngsters.

Long-Tail Keywords Must Be Followed By Natural LanguageLong-Tail Keywords Must Be Followed By Natural Language

Keywords remain relevant for product searches but with voice search on mobile phones, the inclusion of conversational, long-tail keywords is important in your SEO strategy. Research the phrases that get visitors…

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Facebook Marketing Strategies Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Jul 22, 2017 . by seoAt Team

The Top Facebook Marketing Strategies And Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Presence

With a billion plus signups happening consistently daily and 1.79 billion active users, Facebook is the clear and undisputed big daddy of all social media channels. It is obvious that if you want your brand name to reach your targeted and new consumers, it is a given that you must have a presence on Facebook. That’s not all. Merely having a Facebook business page won’t take your business places. You must optimize your Facebook presence so that visitors can be suitably engaged, converted and led into performing the desired action. It is a good idea to hire the services of a Facebook marketing consultant to manage the Facebook Business Page efficiently.

The companies that are successfully leveraging the reach and influencing power of Facebook all have a clear vision about the marketing strategies they will be using on Facebook. Do you have one?

Here are the top Facebook marketing strategies and tips that you can use to make the most from your Facebook Business page.

Make Sure Your Business Page Looks Like One:

Create a distinct business page which is not mistaken by visitors as a personal profile. While they tend to look like one, they stand apart by the presence of unique tools for brands, and organizations. Visitors will be able to ‘Like’…

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Web Content Management Systems 2017

Jul 12, 2017 . by seoAt Team

Web content management (WCM) systems are used for creating, editing, and publishing digital content. Uploading and writing content becomes simple for those who are not adept at coding. The really really best web content management systems offer theme-oriented templates that can help create custom designs. WCM systems are ideally used in situations which involve coordination between teams working in content management. Generally, user-friendly systems that can be simply plugged into third party hosting platforms are preferred.

Some WCM systems are designed for easy integration with marketing software or with programs created for content analytics while others can create functionality for web designing and management of digital assets of an organization. The key features that top WCM systems from leading web development companies provide are:

·         Web-based editing and publishing capabilities

·         Templates for creation of content

·         Collaboration and approval for content development and management

The Current WCM Scenario

The web content management space is being increasingly dominated by the Cloud over the past two to three years. Many organizations are keen to implement new CMS technology powered by the cloud. However, cloud-based WCM can be complex to handle and generally offer more single tenant cloud solutions than multi-tenant solutions. WCM vendors are focused on developing managed PaaS or Platform as a Service systems to deliver greater value for money to…

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How Google's Rank Brain Is Impacting Search Traffic

Jul 09, 2017 . by seoAt Team

An Artificial Intelligence program from Google that has been named Rank Brain is in the news for quite some time now. There are enough reasons to believe that a very significant part of the queries that Google search engine receives is being interpreted by Rank Brain. This brings us to the question – What exactly is Rank Brain and how will affect the future of search?

What Is Rank Brain

RankBrain was first introduced to the public in 2015 through a Bloomberg news publication. It is an artificial intelligence system designed to analyze at a deeper level, the words used in search engine by a user.  The role of Rank Brain is to understand which of the large mix of Google algorithms is best applicable to each type of search result. The whole idea is to match with absolute precision the search query with the result pages.

Rank Brain has been engineered to understand the meaning of content more clearly and understand the real intent of a search request. Once the intent is deciphered, Rank Brain will apply the right algorithm signals to deliver the best results corresponding to the search query. Google assumes that with Rank Brain, search will be more accurate and only the best and most relevant results will get ranked while the other less relevant results will simply fall off the rankings.

Why Rank Brain Must Be Taken Seriously

In 2016 Google confirmed that Rank Brain figures among its top three ranking signals for search – the other two being links and content.…

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Artificial Intelligence and Future of Search Engines

Jul 09, 2017 . by seoAt Team

The evolution of online search continues unabated and is treading on paths one never imagined it would ever take. Today, click on a link and read looks like such a simple instruction - almost antiquated. Search no longer means presentation of a set of links to the user. It goes much beyond that and deeper. Search is now being driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcended into reality from the realms of science fiction long back. AL is also not alien to search engine technology. It is now being used to take search technology to the next level.

Improved Accuracy And Relevance

RankBrain, the AI process of Google can help in achieving top rankings on search rankings. The search history of user is considered by RankBrain for creating search results for every query, leading to improved search results. Other popular search engines too have begun to realize that AI can do wonderful things to improve search accuracy and relevance. Yandex, Bing and Baidu have started using AI in their search processes.

RankBrain ranks right behind links and content when it comes to ranking pages by using algorithms. RankBrain is a wonderful example of how AI can make things easy and efficient for users. It can analyze a query comprehensively from all angles and by taking into account all factors. It then presents the most relevant content for the search even when the keyword phrases used in the search is missing.

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